Ref Turf

What is artificial turf?

Synthetic grass as an alternative raw material intended to replace natural grass with artificial turf, which are the general definitions of nominal oil. In search of a result on behalf of the elimination of some disadvantages of natural grass turf it was introduced in discovered and sports facilities. Petroleum raw material of synthetic grass as the technical content of filled rubber granules is 100% polyethylene is formed by weaving yarns made from the material. artificial turf features you’ll find on my website, advantages and applications of synthetic turf What question can get much more descriptive and detailed answers.

What are the advantages of synthetic turf for?

Synthetic grass refturf and is manufactured with quality assurance are less slippery as of athletes that do not harm human health positively affecting the performance of chemical products. This issue affected the performance of the athletes is very important. Artificial turf provides more opportunity to move to the athletes with the effect of reducing slipperiness. Sports not to have the appropriate design naturally a product. Synthetic turf less sand needs asking is much more durable in wear are natural petroleum products lose its originality for 10 years. Artificial turf that does not negatively impact the bounce norms ball and sports intelligence and compatible with the awareness of 100% polyethylene also consisting of healthy structures. Synthetic turf has a more beautiful appearance, aesthetic features an environmentally friendly product that is environmentally compatible. Refturf produced by experience and on-site installation with Turkey and presented to the world of sports; rain, strong structures affected by weather conditions such as snow or frost. In addition, ultraviolet (UV) rays is not possible to overturn the melting or structure discoloration. Refturf technology and synthetic turf produced by labor, operation and maintenance cost is cheaper than natural grass are low long-lasting sports complex material. Artificial turf does not want any agricultural chemical and care medicine insects and naughty pest with the existing structure is a combination of strong polyethylene fiber with a self-protective properties. Synthetic grass 365 days of 24/7 continuous sports enjoyment may be referred to as a very efficient value offering high yields. Synthetic turf producer by Refturf of these products are exported to world resistance, life in terms of use and life can say that for a fact. World synthetic turf manufacturer Refturf 70 ‘in the countries where these products send defining sports, talks about the contribution of nature and people. Both amateur and discovered a revolutionary product for professional sports centers needed in terms of synthetic turf ; both people-oriented product is environmentally friendly.